Conference Chair
Prof. Naji Najib, Amman, Jordan


Dr. Vinod. P. Shah, North Potomac, MD, USA 

Prof. A. Atilla Hincal, Ankara, Turkey 

Prof.  Erem Bilensoy, Ankara, Turkey 

Scientific Advisory Board 

  Gordon Amidon, USA
  Vinod Shah, USA

  Leslie Benet, USA

  A. Atilla Hincal, Turkey
  Erem Bilensoy, Turkey

  Christos Reppas, Greece

  Rana M.Obaidat Jordan

  Darragh Murnane, UK
  Nasir M. Idkaidek, Jordan

  Sevgi Gungor, Turkey

  Helmut Schütz, Austria

  Elena Wolff-Holz, Germany

  Mariateresa Maldini, Germany

  Ruben Ayala, USA

  Wesal Haqaish, Jordan

  Nabila Al Lwatia, Oman

  Osama Abd Elrahaman, Oman

  Anders Fuglsang, Denemark

  Emel Mashaki, Turkey

  Abdel Naser, Palestine

Program Committee

Prof. Naji Najib, Amman, Jordan
Dr. Isam Salem, Amman, Jordan
Prof. Atila Hincal, Anakara, Turkey
Dr. Vinod. P. Shah, USA

The conference

The Theme of this conference is the regulatory aspects related to bioequivalence and the objective is to discuss current international trends and updates in bioequivalence assessment, biowaivers, bioanalytics, dissolution and procedures. 

This is one of the most important events planned for this year in the region due the presence of international, well-known, keynote speakers, regulatory bodies and the participation and support of international associations like AAPS, EUFEPS,  FIP and TUFTAD. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for regulators, members of the pharmaceutical industry and academics in MENA region to interact with international experts and obtain information on current and innovative trends in the areas of bioequivalence, biowaivers, bioanalysis, and dissolution testing.

News & Announcements